Boeing selects Infodas as supplier of SDoT cross domain solution for NATO AWACS upgrade

On December 11, Boeing awarded Infodas, a cybersecurity leader in cross domain solutions, to supply its SDoT products for bi-directional data exchange between domains of different classification level for NATO’s AWACS modernization program. Infodas has thus just received the order from Boeing to upgrade the information assurance system architecture for the NATO AWACS. Boeing itself was awarded the contract from NATO in 2019.

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Boeing selects Infodas as supplier of SDoT cross domain solution for NATO AWACS upgrade NATO AWACS (Picture source: Boeing)

Last year, NATO awarded Boeing a $1 billion contract to upgrade its fleet of 14 AWACS reconnaissance planes with the latest IT and other equipment. NATO's AWACS are part of Boeing's range of airborne early warning and detection portfolio based on the commercial narrow-body 737, 707 and 767 aircrafts. Besides NATO, customers include Australia, France, Japan, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. The upgrade will keep one of the few military assets owned and operated by the Western alliance at Geilenkirchen air base (Germany) in service until 2035. The Final Lifetime Extension Programme (FLEP) is funded by 16 NATO countries, including the United States, Germany, Turkey, Italy and Spain.

AWACS can detect aircraft, missiles, ships and other objects beyond 400 km away. Via tactical data links mission critical information is provided to ground, air and sea assets. INFODAS’ SDoT cross domain solutions (CDS) will be a key element of the information assurance system architecture to connect systems of different classification level and protect data at the NATO secret and below level from leaving sensitive systems. In short, SDoT CDS enables bi-directional multi-domain data exchange and end-to-end digitization of classified systems that were air-gapped / isolated in the past.

Thorsten Ecke, Managing Director Infodas, states "During my military service, I served for AWACS as a communication specialist, so I feel humbled and honored by this contract award. AWACS' international crews are a true symbol of unity among NATO allies. Being part of the AWACS modernization sends a very strong sign of trust in our SDoT product family internationally and rewards over 15 years of continuous cross domain solution innovation by our team".