Sukhoi completes contract for Su-34 bombers

The Sukhoi company completed a long-term contract to supply Su-34 frontline bombers. The Chkalov Aircraft Plant in Novosibirsk (NAZ) produced and tested the final batch of the aircraft.

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Sukhoi completes contract for Su 34 bombers

Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback (Picture source: Wikepedia/Alex Beltyukov)

“We have produced close to 100 bombers for the Defense Ministry according to a long-term contract,” UAC CEO Yuri Slyusar said. “The year was important for the arms procurement order. We have fulfilled the contracted commitments to the Defense Ministry for the supplies of new aircraft. We are fulfilling new contracts, which provide load to enterprises in several regions of the country,” he added. NAZ is a major Russian aircraft producer. The Defense Ministry said Su-34 passed all trials and flew from the producer enterprise to the aviation training center in Lipetsk.

A contract for 32 Su-34 Fullback (NATO designation) was signed in 2008. It was followed by another contract in 2012 for the delivery of 92 bombers by 2020. The first Su-34s were delivered in 2013. Open sources said 18 aircraft were produced in 2014-2015 each, 16 in 2016-2017 each, 12 in 2018, and eight in 2019. In 2015, an Su-34 was damaged after it rolled out of the airstrip. In 2019, two Su-34s collided over Tatar Strait. In 2020, an Su-34 crashed in Khabarovsk region. The Russian Aerospace Forces currently operate over 120 Su-34s.

It was reported in June 2020 that the Defense Ministry signed a new contract for 20 Su-34s with upgraded electronic warfare. A contract for Su-34s was signed at Army-2020 forum. The number of aircraft was not disclosed, but the Izvestia daily said at least 76 bombers would be supplied by 2027. They will be upgraded by Sych R&D and get new electronic equipment and precision weapons in suspended containers. The upgraded option is marked as Su-34M.

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