Azerbaijan tests SkyStriker loitering munition UAV

The Azeri military has tested the SkyStriker unmanned aerial vehicle, indicating that it has entered service with the Army.

Azerbaijan tests SkyStriker loitering munition UAV SkyStriker (Picture source: Elbit Systems)

In a video released by Azerbaijan's MoD in September, the Army could be seen operating the SkyStriker, a loitering munition drone, which has recently entered service. The drone was fired from a towed launcher and the footage showed it striking a target, as part of military exercises.

Elbit Systems 's SkyStriker is a fully autonomous UAS that can locate, acquire and strike operator-designated targets with a 5kg warhead installed inside the fuselage, enabling high-precision performance. The UAS’ electric propulsion offers a minimal acoustic signature, allowing covert operations at low altitude operations.

Azerbaijan's State Border Service became the first foreign customer for the SkyStriker, having placed an order for the drone late last year.