Russian Korsar drone may get a seaborne option

The Korsar drone may get a seaborne option, Director for foreign economic activities of Luch Design Bureau Oleg Filippov said.

Russian Korsar drone may get a seaborne option Korsar- E showcased at MAKS 2019 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

The drone can be configured to perform a variety of military missions such as surveillance, aerial reconnaissance, patrol and observation, target acquisition, aerial photography, and cargo transportation. It can also operate with other ground and air platforms within a secure network.

"There is a seaborne option and navymen display interest in it," he told Zvezda TV channel.

Korsar has a range of 900 km and data transmission range of 100 km. It can be increased if several drones are engaged in retransmission.

Korsar was for the first time demonstrated at rehearsals of VE-Day parade in Moscow. It will be upgraded to increase the operational range and will be armed with electronic warfare

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