Russian inspectors fly on An-30B surveillance aircraft over Czech Republic

Russian inspectors are making an observation flight over the territory of the Czech Republic onboard of an An-30B surveillance aircraft as part of the International Treaty on Open Skies, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Russian inspectors fly on An 30B surveillance aircraft over Czech Republic An-30B (Picture source: Alexey Kondratov )

"The observation flight over the Czech territory is taking place from May 20 to 24 at the Pardubice open skies airfield. The maximum flight range is 800 km," the ministry said.

The Russian surveillance aircraft is flying on a route, which has been approved by the party under inspection. Czech experts who are onboard An-30B are monitoring the application of the surveillance equipment and are controlling the observance of provisions of the Open Skies Treaty.

Observation flights made in compliance with the Treaty on Open Skies make the military activities of the signatory states more open and transparent and strengthen security through confidence-and security-building measures.

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