Russia to upgrade Kondor-FKA satellite

Russia`s MIC NPO Mashinostroyenia (a subsidiary of the Tactical Missiles Corporation (KTRV)) is upgrading its Kondor-FKA space vehicle, a source from the company told TASS.

China possible customer of Russian Sukhoi Su 57 stealth fighter jet Kondor (SAR Configuration) (Picture source: NPO Mash)

"The development of the Kondor-FKA space vehicles and a space system on their base upon an order from the state corporation Roscosmos is among our biggest space programs. It should be mentioned that the Kondor-FKA`s ground-based data receiving, processing, and transferring systems will be among the first units to be integrated into the Joint Territorial-Distributing Information System. Last August, the enterprise won a tender to upgrade the Kondor-FKA space system," said the source.

"In this context, we have started the works to develop the Kondor-FKA-M new-generation radar space vehicle, the specifications of which meet modern standards. The concept of the Kondor-FKA-M vehicle is in line with the world`s trends of space radar-location development, and our company is among the leaders in the area of space information technologies, such as processing of radar data with the use of cloud technologies and distributed computing systems", he added.

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