Philippines wants to get US P-3 Orion

The Philippines announced on May 23 their wish to acquire P-3 Orion. The Ministry of Defense has expressed its willingness to acquire at least one device from the United States. Ideally, the Philippines would like to have two P-3 Orions, which are withdrawn by the US Navy. For this, the acquisition program could be conducted through the US Excess Defense Articles.

Philippines wants to get US P 3 Orion An underside view of a P-3C "Orion" submarine-hunter airplane in flight (Picture source: Mark Wagner)

According to Defense Secretary M Lorenzana, the Philippines wants the P-3 Orion in its original version to carry out anti-submarine and aerial surveillance missions. "Otherwise it will be just another transport plane," he said. A request will be sent shortly to the United States to begin discussions.

In the United States, the P-3 Orion are currently retired from service to be replaced by Poseidon P-8A