Russia upgrades air command posts

Russia has completed the upgrade of air command posts on Il-80 and Il-82 aircraft. They will become operational in the Aerospace Forces. The airplanes are also dubbed as Doomsday aircraft as they can operate in conditions of adversary engagement of nuclear weapons. So far, only Russia and the United States operate such aircraft. Russia also wants to create air command posts on Mi-38 helicopters, writes.

Russia upgrades air command posts Ilyushin Il-80 of the Russian Air Force flying over Moscow as part of rehearsals for the Victory Day Parade (Picture source: Leonid Faerberg)

Deputy Defense Minister Alexey Krivoruchko visited Polyot enterprise in Nizhny Novgorod and said R&D to upgrade air command posts on Il-80 and Il-82 aircraft had been completed. The Aerospace Forces will receive the second generation posts.

Designers said the third generation would be created on Il-96-400. The news was announced by United Instrument Manufacturing Corporation CEO Alexander Yakunin in late 2016.

Il-80 command post was created on the basis of wide-body passenger Il-86 aircraft and Il-82 - on Il-76 airlifter. The hardware can operate when ground command posts, communication hubs are down, the situation rapidly changes and the adversary engages nuclear weapons. The technical characteristics of the post allow controlling the Ground Forces, the Navy, the Aerospace Forces and Strategic Missile Forces.

In 2015, the corporation said Il-80 can carry top military brass, a group of General Headquarters officers and a technical taskforce in charge of the equipment.

Krivoruchko said a new command post is to be created on Mi-38 helicopter. Polyot supplies various communication means ahead of schedule and upgrades onboard equipment for Il-22M11 and Tu-142MR command posts.

Mi-38 has high technical characteristics, a progressive and reliable design of helicopter systems, and integrated onboard equipment. The fuselage base is made of aluminum alloys and composite materials, while some units are made of steel and titanium. The helicopter has fuel-efficient engines, advanced lifting system and high energy power to ensure effective operation in a broad range of conditions. The onboard equipment allows flying day and night in various climatic and weather conditions.

Mi-38 design focused on flight safety. Compliance with the toughest requirements and aviation standards is provided by the fuselage design, the size and number of emergency hatches and the possibility of evacuation through big pressed-out windows. The craft is equipped with shock-absorbing seats and chassis. Its reducing gear can operate without oil for half an hour. The hydraulic system has a triple standby and the fuel system is emergency-resistant.

As for today, only Russia and the United States operate air command posts. The US Doomsday aircraft is Boeing E-48, said

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