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Southern district to train on Mi-28UB helicopters in 2019

MOSCOW, January 10. /TASS-DEFENSE/. All young pilots of the Southern Military District will train on modern simulators in their units and airfields in 2019, the district said.

Southern district to train on Mi 28UB helicopters in 2019 925 001 Mi-28UB at MAKS 2013 (Picture source : Vitaly Kuzmin)

"At present there are over 20 operational simulators in the air force and defense formation of the district. They simulate Su-25SM, Su-30SM aircraft, Mi-28N, Ka-52 helicopters. In 2019 crews will begin to train on the latest Mi-28UB helicopter at Korenovsky military airfield in Kuban," it said.

The supplies of modern simulators help pilots study all training elements, including takeoff and landing, flights in good and bad weather, as well as fire at various targets.

Mi-28UB is a combat training modification of Mi-28N helicopter gunships. Its design began in 2010. Mi-28UB is distinguished by dual control system which allows operating the craft from the commander’s and second pilot’s cockpit. It provides for training of military pilots who need flight time on Mi-28N. Besides, the second pilot can fly the helicopter in case of an emergency in combat conditions. The helicopter has a breakdown imitation panel to model malfunctions and improve the skills in a crisis situation. Mi-28UB has upgraded integrated onboard electronic equipment. It provides for efficient search, detection, identification and destruction of air and ground targets. The necessary ergonomics of the crew seats are ensured by a change in the helicopter fuselage. Mi-28UB has an expanded cockpit, bigger space of armored windscreen and better view from the second pilot’s seat. The latest onboard defense complex ensures higher survivability of Mi-28UB.-

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