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Indonesia to acquire Indian BrahMos cruise missiles

India seems to be exploring the possibility of selling BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles to Indonesia, among other equipment.

Indonesia to acquire Indian BrahMos cruise missiles 925 001BrahMos missile (Picture source : Air Recognition)

The Indo-Russian joint venture which is manufacturing this weapon system (since 1998) has already made a visit, last year, in Surabaya, in order to assess the fitting of the missile on Indonesian warships.

The BrahMos is a two-stage missile with a solid propellant booster engine, which brings it to supersonic speed. The second stage, the liquid ramjet, permits it to reach velocity up to Mach 3. It is equipped with advanced embedded software providing the missile with special features. It has been designed to be used on land, sea and sub-sea platforms and an air launch version is in progress.

In addition to these missiles, India is about to supply coastal defense radars and marine grade steel to the Indonesian government. It is also expected that this Indo-Russian company will service Russian-made Su-30 fighter jets flown by the Indonesian Air Force.