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Chinese stealth drone, the Sky Hawk, has made its first apparition

China’s flying saucer-stealth drone called Sky Hawk has been publicly shown for the first time on China Central Television (CCTV) on Saturday January 05.

Chinese stealth drone the Sky Hawk has made its first apparition 925 001 Sky Hawk at Zuhai Airshow 2018 in China (Picture source : Air Recognition)

This drone developed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation has been upgraded and is now able to fly faster and further and to avoid detection. This aircraft features a “flying wing” aerodynamic designed similarly to the US B-2 stealth bomber. It is a high-altitude, long-range and high-speed unmanned aerial vehicle, capable of conducting reconnaissance and patrol missions in hostile environments.

A China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s stealth drone was also to see at the air show. This drone, the CH-7, is larger than the Sky Hawk and provides another solution for both domestic and international use.

The Sky Hawk has also been designed to be used on aircraft carriers using electromagnetic catapults too, making it really useful in lots of different missions. These catapults can launch various aircraft including this one.