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Russian Helicopters plans to sign long-term contract for Ka-52M rotorcraft in 2020

Russian Helicopters Group, a subsidiary of Russia’s Rostec state hi-tech corporation, is planning to sign a large-scale long-term contract for the delivery of upgraded Kamov Ka-52 (NATO reporting name: Hokum-B) helicopters to the armed forces, Group CEO Andrei Boginsky told TASS.

Russian Helicopters plans to sign long term contract for Ka 52M rotorcraft in 2020 Ka-52 (Picture source: Alex Beltyukov)

"There is a new development work on the further upgrade, which we started to carry out this year. We hope that a relevant contract will be signed next year. We will do our best to make it like with the Mil Mi-28 [Havoc] helicopter, so that we can achieve a long-term contract for the upgraded Ka-52," Boginsky said.

At the Army 2019 forum, Russian Helicopters Group signed a contract with the Russian Defense Ministry to deliver it 96 Mi-28NM attack helicopters by 2027. Conclusion of a similar contract on upgraded Ka-52 helicopters is in the interest of both Russian Helicopters Group and the Defense Ministry, Boginsky added.

"This is good for both the Defense Ministry and us. We receive a long-term contract, we provide the cooperative system with work. There are clear terms, prices, delivery rates. From my point of view, this will allow the industry to be stable in this area," the group’s head said.

"The Mi-28 in the new state armament program is a recent example and we want to make the best of it and apply it to the Ka-52 rotorcraft," he added.

In May, Deputy Defense Minister Alexei Krivoruchko said that the Defense Ministry was planning to sign a contract for 114 upgraded Ka-52M helicopters in 2020. According to him, the modernization will be completed by 2022.

Work to upgrade the Ka-52 helicopter will be based on the combat experience gained in Syria. The rotorcraft is expected to have new power supply and target acquisition systems and enhanced protection. It will also feature increased ground and aerial target detection, identification and engagement ranges.

The helicopter’s air-launched weapons will be unified with helicopters of the Mil family, which are produced by Russian Helicopters Group as well. At the Army 2019 forum in June, Boginsky told TASS that the Ka-52M was likely to receive an advanced long-range missile developed for the Mi-28NM rotorcraft.

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