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Russian heavy drone Okhotnik made its first flight

Russian heavy strike unmanned aerial vehicle Okhotnik, developed by the KB Sukhoi Design Bureau, made its first flight, the Russian Defense Ministry reports. "The "Okhotnik" military long endurance unmanned aerial vehicle has made its first flight.

Russian heavy drone Okhotnik made its first flight Okhotnik (Picture source: Twitter)

It lasted over 20 minutes. Controlled by the operator, the UAV made a few test flights over the airfield at an altitude of around 600 m and successfully landed," says the report distributed by the Ministry.

According to the Defense Ministry, the drone undergoes trials at one of the Ministry’s test airfields.The "Okhotnik" features a flying wing design and is built using special materials and coatings that make it virtually unobservable by detection radars, the Ministry source adds. The drone is fitted with optronic, radio- and other types of reconnaissance systems.

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