Sukhoi and Bruk agree on joint design

The Sukhoi Company and the Bruk designer of Russian Elbrus microprocessors signed an agreement on joint designs, Sukhoi said.

Sukhoi and Bruk agree on joint design A prototype of the Su-57 in flight at the MAKS 2011 air show (Picture source: Maxim Maksimov)

The agreement stipulates the creation and introduction of advanced computing platform for aviation and other systems on the basis of Elbrus microprocessors and adapted multicore protected BagrOS-4000 software," it said.

The Defense Ministry has previously certified BagrOS-4000 for multicore processors. It is successfully used in Su-57 jet and is ready to join the avionics of prospective and upgraded aircraft.

BagrOS-4000 is a modern real-time and highly effective and mobile software. It operates computing resources and organizes them for operation in a tough real-time regime.

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