UK: F-35B soon deployed to Cyprus for exercises

The Royal Navy has announced the upcoming deployment of British F-35Bs to Cyprus for exercises. This mission will test the overseas deployment of the aircraft received last year by the RAF and the Royal Navy.

UK F 35B soon deployed to Cyprus A Royal Air Force F-35B in flight (Picture source:

Logistical support, maintenance and the organization of the detachment will be put to the test. Training will include live fire.

After this deployment, which is expected to last two months, the F-35Bs will return to the United States to Norfolk for their first flight operations aboard the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth scheduled for the fall.

The UK currently owns 17 F-35B aircraft with the reformed 617 Sqn having arrived back in the UK last year, with RAF Voyager aircraft providing air-to-air refuelling on their trans-Atlantic journey. More jets are due in Britain over the coming years, and there is an overall plan to procure 138 aircraft over the life of the programme.