UEC engines ensure Ilyushin Il-112V first flight

TV7-117ST turboprop engines designed and produced by ODK-Klimov of the United Engine Corporation (UEC) ensured the first flight of the latest Russian Il-112V airlifter. They performed normally, the UEC said. "TV7-117ST engine design is an important program of the UEC and the aircraft industry in general. A new turboprop engine for military-transport and regional aviation has been created," UEC CEO Alexander Artyukhov said.

UEC engines ensure lyushin Il 112V first flight Maiden flight of the Ilyushin Il-112V with ODK-Klimov TV7-117ST turboprop engines and AV-112 propellers of Aerosila (Picture source: UAC)

The engine was designed with modern solutions which increased its technical characteristics. The maximum takeoff capacity is 3,100 HP and emergency boost is 3,600 HP. The engine operates AV-112 propeller of Aerosila with high productivity to increase frontal thrust. The automatic controls of ODK-Klimov control both the engine and the propeller, i.e. the whole power plant. The joint control allows using the potential of the engine and the propeller in full and generally increasing the effectiveness of the power plant.

The designers created a unified gas generator for engine modifications for civilian and military airplanes and helicopters. TV7-117ST is an example of a line of engines on the basis of the unified gas generator (TV7-117ST, TV7-117ST-01, and TV7-117V). TV7-117ST is the basic engine for Il-112V airlifter and TV7-117ST-01 will be the basic engine for the regional Il-114-300 passenger aircraft.

TV7-117ST is made only of Russian components and parts. They are produced by UEC enterprises, including ODK-Klimov, the Chernyshev enterprise and ODK-STAR. TV7-117ST trials began on ODK-Klimov bench in September 2016. A year later the UEC began flight trials of the engine on Il-76LL flying laboratory.