New Singapore-made FlyBorg UAV appears

Because the Singaporean defense industry is definitely not limited to ST Engineering, here is the FL-18 SkyBorg UAV, conceived and produced in the city-state by a small team of Singaporian, Belgian and French designers which formed Flyion Pte Ltd.

New Singapore made SkyBorg drone appears 001 FlyIon's FL-18 SkyBorg UAV at Singapore Airshow 2018

A true workhorse, the SkyBorg is based on a 2 x 3-blades contra-rotating VTOL design, which delivers high stability under all weather conditions. The 2.4m-long UAV is powered by a 11kW turbine, providing a max speed of 75 km/h and a flight time of 4 hours. The SkyBorg  features a 30 l fuel capacity, but can be fitted with additional tanks.

The SkyBorg is specifically designed for missions such as Search and Rescue, Border Surveillance and Special Ops. It is also highly adaptable for commercial applications in the Oil and Gas, Forestry, Agriculture, Logistics, and Mining industries. In the Reconnaissance variant showcased at Singapore Airshow 2018, the FlyBorg is equipped with an InPixal ASIO 155 gimbal.

Law enforcement agencies, special forces, search and rescue bodies need a 24/7 reliability, and best-in-class UAV. The SkyBorg presents the highest durability to adverse weather conditions in its class. 

It is especially suitable for counter-terrorism, anti-smuggling missions at night, search and rescue missions out in the sea and other natural disasters where conditions are challenging. With a max payload of 30kg and precise autopilot, the SkyBorg can become a life-saving UAV, by dropping first aid kits or supplies to disaster victims, on land or at sea.

The SkyBorg will operate where and when traditional Helicopters or Multirotor can’t, such as in combating forest fires and during volcanic eruptions when the ash and extreme hot air turbulences would deter other conventional aerial vehicles.

Instead of owning a professional UAV, users may also opt for UAV leasing services to fulfill different commercial purposes on an ad hoc basis, FlyIon says.