MAKS 2021: Sukhoi unveils virtual reality simulator for Su-57E fighter

The Sukhoi Design Bureau unveiled a flight simulator with virtual reality at the MAKS 2021 international aerospace show, a team leader with the Sukhoi Design Bureau Yuri Zavgorodnev told TASS. The simulator is designed to train pilots to operate the export version of the fifth-generation Sukhoi Su-57 aircraft, he added.

MAKS 2021 Sukhoi unveils virtual reality simulator for Su 57E fighter Sukhoi Su-57E (Picture source: Rostec)

The virtual simulator for the Su-35 aircraft was shown for the first time at the MAKS 2019 airshow, Yuri Zavgorodnev added. "We are presenting a more advanced technology. The Su-57 simulator has two multifunctional indicators and one of the latest versions of virtual glasses with very good graphics, enabling to view the situation outside and inside the cockpit in full with high resolution," Zavgorodnev said.

Multifunctional indicators make it possible to complement the virtual image with tactile sensations, and a pilot wearing virtual-reality glasses and pressing virtual buttons in the cockpit presses the indicators that are physically installed on the simulator, he added.

Besides, the enterprise showed a training simulator for the Su-35 fighter jet, which looks like a real cockpit, as well as a previous-generation virtual training facility. "At the MAKS 2021 airshow, we are presenting the Su-35 procedure simulator. The simulator’s full-size cabin is in front of you. A pilot who performs flights and undergoes training will not find any differences from the cockpit of a real aircraft," Zavgorodnev said.

According to him, the main feature of all the Sukhoi Design Bureau’s simulators is the ability to integrate several simulators in a network, which makes it possible to practice joint flying and combat employment. "Special cases are practiced, special attention is paid to refueling and group actions," Zavgorodnev added.