Paris Air Show 2019: Azur Drones presents the Skeyetech system

Azur Drones is present at Paris Air Show 2019 (France) and showcases the SKEYETECH System, an autonomous drone for video surveillance.

Paris Air Show 2019 Azur Drones presents the Skeyetech system3 Skeyetech drone flying at Azur Drones stand during Paris Airshow 2019 (Picture source: Air Recognition)

Skeyetech is an innovative drone solution designed to strengthen security over sensitive sites. Fully autonomous, it provides around-the-clock service and security, without human intervention. This system can be connected to any security network to provide real-time HD video to security HQ. It allows situational assessmens in a matter of seconds, without jeopardizing operators safety.

In the case of a security breach, Skeyetech drones automatically take off to the designated area to identify the source of the intrusion and help the security team to provide an appropriate response.

Skeyetech drones can also carry out daily scheduled surveillance missions and routine inspections all around the site. If an intervention is needed, Skeyetech surveillance drones offer a precious aerial vantage point to the coordinators of the operation.

SKEYETECH drones take off and go from 0 to 50 km/h in few seconds and thus provide faster feedbacks. In case of an alarm, the drone can be anywhere on a 300 ha sites in less than 3 minutes. It also allows to perfom quick perimeter patrols (20 minutes for a 7 km patrol). It is around 5 times faster than manned patrols.

With their high-quality sensors and a flight height between 25 and 30 meters, Skeyetech drones allow to see better and further. They offer a wide aerial view point (60° field of view), enabling a general overview of the site.  Conversely, they are fitted with powerful zoom (day x 20, night x 4), allowing to identify and understand a situation meters away.

Skeyetech drones are equipped with HD-resolution thermal camera (640 x 480). Thus they offer an excellent vision at night. Our surveillance drones can detect anomalies and humans 1 km away at all times of day and night.

Paris Air Show 2019 Azur Drones presents the Skeyetech system1

Paris Air Show 2019 Azur Drones presents the Skeyetech system2 Skeyetech solution requires no pilot training for security guards and no flying skills. The security teams can follow automatic missions or order live missions, directly through their Video Management System(Picture source: Azur Drones)