Paris Air Show 2019: Quantum-Systems and ESG present Vector and Scorpion UAS

The aviation company ESG presents at Paris Air Show 2019 (Hall C2 - booth C353) its two UAS innovations for tactical deployment scenarios together with the specialist for unmanned "eVTOL" UAV systems, Quantum-Systems.

Paris Air Show 2019 Quantum Systems and ESG present Vector and Scorpion UAS VECTOR Vector (Picture source: Air Recognition)

These two UAVs are VECTOR and SCORPION. The companies call these, "real world novelties in the field of electrically operated, unmanned systems for tactical deployment scenarios."

VECTOR combines the performance advantages of a fixed-wing aircraft with the vertical take-off capability of a helicopter. In just a few simple steps, one can switch to the SCORPION configuration and use the benefits of a sophisticated tri-copter setup thanks to the 2in1 system.

This allows a fast and highly flexible response to different challenges of changing deployment scenarios. Due to their design, Vector and Scorpion are ideal for tactical reconnaissance and surveillance missions even in demanding weather conditions.

Both systems share the following specifications:

- 15+ km command & control range
- Electric Vertical Take-off and Landing (eVTOL)
- EO/IR HD Gimbal option
- Made for harsh environmental conditions (-20 up to 45+°C)
- Heated batteries for operation in cold temperatures
- AES 256-bit encrypted data and mission link
- Small footprint (operation by one person)
- Glass fiber and Kevlar honeycomb sandwich airframe

More details on system version at this link

Paris Air Show 2019 Quantum Systems and ESG present Vector and Scorpion UAS SCORPION Scorpion (Picture source: Air Recognition)