Paris Air Show 2019: Lacroix showcases latest generation spectral flares, new training systems and more

During the 2019 Paris Air Show, LACROIX will be proud to report the delivery of the first batch of its series production of its specially designed countermeasures for the A400M to the Air Force, and successful testing of new kinematic decoy flares for the Rafale, helicopters and transport aircraft.

China possible customer of Russian Sukhoi Su 57 stealth fighter jet SmokeySam, CIR114 v2 and Sidemir (Picture source: Lacroix)

The interest in the latest generation countermeasures, developed with support of the French DGA as part of an upstream study program and our own capital investment, demonstrates the growing need for enhanced aircraft self-protection against technologically advanced threats.

In the operational field today, MANPADS constitute the most prolific threat. The only “combat proven” means to defeat this threat is the use of optimized decoy flares to thwart the “counter countermeasures” (IRCCM).

Our dealings with institutional experts and our attentiveness to operational units has proven that one fact remains true even in today’s context: decoy flares must meet critical criteria of high-intensity output, spectral sensitivity and trajectory. The decoy mechanism remains fundamentally the same despite more advanced seduction capabilities. LACROIX’s decoy flares proved to be highly effective against current threats (with or without IRCCM)during the latest EMBOW and MAMBOW testing.

Furthermore, LACROIX has just successfully completed a round of studies on countermeasures reliability and robustness in combat. Products of the French and NATO ranges will therefore see their reliability in the air multiplied by more than 4, thereby significantly optimizing their transport costs. LACROIX has earned more than ever the stamp of approval: “combat proven“.

Among the values that drive us within the Etienne Lacroix Group, innovation is at the very heart of our pursuit of excellence. With approximately 20% of the Group’s yearly revenues allocated to innovation research, and over 150 collaborators dedicated to R&D, LACROIX develops concepts and systems in close collaboration with the DGA (French defense procurement agency), which leads us to produce large-scale projects which are efficiently manufactured and supplied to our forces to ensure operational effectiveness.
On the occasion of the 53rd edition of the Paris Air Show, LACROIX is proud to announce 2 new products and 1 improved system dedicated to Air Force training:
- MANPADS* simulator: This simple and rugged system is designed to train air crews in visual acquisition and tactical reactions when portable surface-to-air missiles are launched. After a secured launch, this mini-rocket (equivalent of a SMOKEYSAM™) adopts a similar trajectory to a MANPAD rocket.
- CIR 114 V2: Testing electronic countermeasure The CIR 114V2 is a NATO standard caliber training countermeasure which simulates flare deployment from the ground or in the air. A visual indicator lights up when manually armed and can be rearmed and, therefore, reused as needed.
- New SIDEMIR: this self-propelled device reproduces behavior and radiation that simulates missile warning systems operating in the IR band embarked on aircraft.