Paris Air Show 2019: Japanese MCH-101 most modern Airborne Mine Countermeasure helicopter

Japanese Company Kawasaki presents a scale model of the MCH-101 airborne light countermeasure helicopter, one of the most modern helicopters in its category. The MCH-101 is operated by Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force (JMSDF). This helicopter is equipped with three kinds of mine detection/sweeping systems, including a towing sonar (AN/AQS-24A), a laser detection system (AN/AES-1) and an acoustic minesweeping gear (Mk-104).

Japanese MCH 101 most modern Airborne Mine Countermeasure helicopter Paris Air Show 2019 925 001 Scale model of Kawasaki MCH-101 Airborne Countermeasure Helicopter at Paris Air Show 2019, International Aerospace and Aviation Defense Exhibition. June 18, 2019. (Picture source Air Recognition)

The MCH-101 is derived from the EH101 utility helicopter, developed and manufactured by EH Industries Limited (present-day Leonardo MW Ltd.), based in Italy and the United Kingdom. By incorporating a Japanese-developed minesweeping mission system, the EH101 became the MCH-101. Its family, the CH-101, is currently used as transport support aircraft for Antarctic exploration.

The first MCH-101 AMCM helicopter was assembled by AgustaWestland. The helicopter made its first flight in February 2005. It was delivered to the JDA in March 2006. The second MCH-101 helicopter, built by Kawasaki under license, was handed over to the JMSDF in March 2007.

The glass cockpit of MCH-101 accommodates two crew members, including a pilot and co-pilot. The night vision goggle (NVG) compatible cockpit is equipped with five multi-configurable liquid crystal displays.

The avionics suite integrates two multifunction control and display units, dual automatic flight control system, communication and navigation suite, search or weather radar, surveillance radar and obstacle warning system.

The MCH-101 helicopter is powered by three Rolls-Royce Turbomeca RTM322 turboshaft engines.