SIAE 2019
International Paris Air Show
Aviation and Aerospace defense industry exhibition
17 - 23 June 2019, Paris-Le Bourget, France
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Paris Air Show 2019: Turkish fighter will be displayed at Paris Airshow for the first time

Turkish Aerospace will display for the first time the one-to-one mock-up of the Turkish Fighter at the International Paris Airshow. The 17th edition of the International Paris Airshow will take place at Le Bourget airport between June 17-23, 2019. Turkish Aerospace, apart from the Turkish Fighter mock-up, will display ATAK, ANKA, HÜRJET and GÖKBEY platforms. Furthermore, ATAK helicopter will perform flight demonstrations during the show.

Paris Air Show 2019: FN Herstal one-stop-shop approach to discover at the Paris Air Show this year

Belgium-based FN Herstal, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of small caliber weapons and weapon systems, will showcase its one-stopshop approach at the Paris Airshow from June 17 through to June 23: a unique and integrated range of airborne products and services specifically dedicated to aircraft manufacturers or end users for military use. Also showcased this year, the newly-introduced FN Airborne Digital Suite that provides military forces with the highest level of operational capability.

Paris Air Show 2019: List of the military aircraft and helicopters

During Paris Air Show 2019, a certain amount of military aircraft and helicopters will be showacased. See the complete list here:

Paris Air Show 2019: Leonardo will unveil new 24-hour endurance surveillance drone

The Italian Company Leonardo will unveil a new 24-hour endurance surveillance drone at Paris Air Show 2019, that will take place in Le Bourget, France, from the 17 to 23 June 2019. According to Leonardo, the new unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is the third evolution in the Falco family.

Paris Air Show 2019: Elbit Systems Hermes 45 will debut at Paris Airshow

Elbit Systems' Hermes 45 Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS) will be making its first appearance at the Company's static display area (A-8) in the upcoming Paris Airshow 2019. 

Paris Air Show 2019: Rafael to showcase array of battle-proven solutions

Rafael will be present  at the International Paris Air Show, June 17-23 2019, at the LE BOURGET Exhibition Center, Paris, France, Stand D-451. The Israeli company  will present a unique array of battle-proven solutions for Air Battlespace Dominance.

Paris Air Show 2019: Elbit Systems will present new products in the areas of PGMs, self-protection and more

Elbit Systems display (Display area A-8) will include airborne self-protection solutions, Precision-Guided Munitions, Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR) technologies as well as commercial aviation systems.

Paris Air Show 2019: Rohde & Schwarz to present solutions for sovereign digital airborne communications

Communications specialist Rohde & Schwarz will showcase SOVERON AR, the new generation of software defined airborne radios (SDAR), and network-capable waveforms at the international air show in Le Bourget. The airborne radio stands for information superiority in network centric operations and utmost flexibility in deployment.

Paris Air Show 2019: Israel Aerospace Industries to unveil its new T-Heron tactical drone

Israel’s Aerospace Industries  (IAI) announced it will be unveiling a new drone at the upcoming Paris Air Show (June 17-23) with the “most advanced” technologies designed for tactical missions on the battlefield.

Paris Air Show 2019: BIRD Aerosystems to launch and demonstrate the OSCAR

BIRD Aerosystems, developer of Airborne Missile Protection Systems (AMPS) and Special Mission Aircraft Solutions (ASIO), will officially launch the OSCAR - Ocean Surveillance Control and Reconnaissance solution, and demonstrate it for the first time at the Paris Air Show 2019.

Paris Air Show 2019: First KC-390 will be delivered to the Brazilian Air Force after the event

The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) will receive its first KC-390 shortly after the Paris Air Show in France, which runs from June 17 to 23, revealed Nelson Salgado, Embraer’s CFO.

Paris Air Show 2019: Turkey to display first national fighter jet mock-up

The mock-up version of Turkey's first national fighter jet will be showcased for the first time at Paris Air Show 2019, Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) General Manager Temel Kotil announced during the 14th International Defense Fair (IDEF 2019).

Paris Air Show 2019: Air Recognition to cover the International defense aviation and aerospace exhibition

The online aviation and aerospace magazine Air Recognition, a subdivision of Army Recognition Group, will cover the International Paris Air Show 2019 from the 17 to 23 June 2019 with online show daily news and web television.

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