MAKS 2019: Modernization of the Mi-24P-1M by KRET

The Russian State Corporation Rostec has presented a modernized Mi-24P-1M transport and combat helicopter with upgraded radio-electronic equipment at MAKS-2019 International Aviation and Space Salon.

maks 2019 mi 24p 1m upgrade showcased The new radar and optical-electronic sight on the Mi-24P-1M

"The Mi-24P-1M helicopter has got a modern unified aerobatic sighting and navigation system, a new optical-electronic sighting system, an autopilot, a new airborne defense complex and a radar with AFAR. The mass of an empty helicopter may be reduced to 430 kg dependent on selected optional equipment," Rostec said.

New electronics has increased the helicopter’s combat survivability and impact power.

"The new Mi-24P-1M modification, the product of cooperation of our two holding companies - the Russian Helicopters and KRET - has improved technical and combat characteristics what makes the flying craft even more attractive to foreign customers," Rostec said with reference to Anatoly Serdyukov, the industrial director of the corporation’s air cluster. The Mi-24P-1M transport and combat helicopter is designed to destroy the armor and provide fire support for the ground troops. One of the Mi-24P-1M specific features is its ability to airlift personnel armed with weapons and evacuate up to three wounded servicemen from the battlefield. The helicopter can also carry cargoes inside the cockpit or on an external sling.

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