MAKS 2019: Rostec displays 250 exhibits at MAKS

Rostec State Corporation displayed new civilian, military and specialized aircraft designs at MAKS-2019 airshow, as well as EW means, engines and airfield equipment, the corporation said.

MAKS 2019 Rostec displays 250 exhibits at MAKS IL-7 8M-90A(Picture source: Air Recognition)

"MAKS is a key event for the whole aircraft industry and for Rostec. The corporation comprises key Russian producers of aircraft and components. After integration with the UAC, Rostec will be a major aircraft company in the world with annual production of the aviation cluster exceeding one trillion rubles. This year we demonstrate at the show over 250 exhibits of hardware, including 40 new aircraft, helicopters, communication means, avionics, etc. We plan major negotiations and signing of agreements for the creation of new hardware and supplies of our products," Rostec CEO Sergey Chemezov said.

The zest of MAKS airshow is the public demonstration of Il-78M-90A air tanker. The show will also feature Ansat helicopter designed in Aurus luxury style. The first serial Mi-38 helicopter will be presented in the VIP option. The latest Russian Ka-62 helicopter will for the first time perform in the flight program.

MAKS will for the first time feature PD-14 engine for MC-21 aircraft created by the United Engine Corporation. The power plant has received type certificate of the Federal Air Transport Agency.

Military debuts include  fifth-generation Su-57 fighter  which will be for the first time displayed at the static site and participate in the flight program. Another new design is the light Il-112VE airlifter export modification. Both airplanes have the necessary export documentation and can be offered to foreign customers.

Rostec also displays the latest systems and components for existing and prospective aircraft and a broad range of avionics. The electronic cluster presents new computing complexes and database storage, airfield equipment, optical and communication systems, radars, etc.

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