MAKS 2019
Moscow Air Show
International Defense Aviation and Space Salon
 27 August to 1 September 2019, Zhukovsky Airfield, Moscow, Russia
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MAKS 2019: First time static display for the SU-57 fighter jet

At MAKS 2019, fifth-generation Su-57 fighter jet is displayed at the static site for the first time and participate in the flight program.

MAKS 2019: China becomes partner country of MAKS 2019

China acts as a partner country for the fourteenth International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2019), which is held in Zhukovsky in the Moscow Region from August 27 to September 1, 2019.

MAKS 2019: UAC to display Il-78M-90A air tanker

The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will display civilian, military and transport aircraft at MAKS-2019 airshow to be held on August 27 - September 1 in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

MAKS 2019: TsAGI to present new designs at MAKS airshow

The Zhukovsky Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute (TsAGI) said it will participate in MAKS-2019 airshow with innovative aviation designs.

MAKS 2019: Fixar hybrid drone to be displayed

The new “Fixar” drone will be presented at Russia’s MAKS-2019 airshow. The UAV is a hybrid of sorts: a quadcopter with fixed wings. With limited moving parts and a flexible design, it’s the kind of dual-use technology worth watching and, perhaps, even imitating.

MAKS 2019: KTRV to present Grom-E1 and Grom-E2 airborne munitions

From 27 August to 1 September, the Tactical Missile Armament Corporation (KTRV) will participate in the fourteenth international aerospace show, MAKS-2019, the KTRV press service reports. "The main exposition of the enterprise, integrated with the corporation, will present many examples and weapon systems as well as a wide range of dual and civil use products," the report says.

MAKS 2019: Rosoboronexport to unveil Su-57E and Il-112VE to foreign partners

Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) will make presentations of the Russia’s latest combat and transport aircraft at the MAKS 2019 International Air Show.

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