Paris Air Show 2017: Aeronautics' Pegasus 120 VTOL UAV appears

SIAE 2017
International Paris Air Show Show
19 - 25 June 2017, Paris-Le Bourget, France
Paris Air Show 2017: Aeronautics' Pegasus 120 VTOL UAV appears
Aeronautics Group, a leading UAS manufacturer, is showcasing its wide range of comprehensive defense solutions and UAS platforms at the Paris Air Show. For the very first time, the company presents the Pegasus 120: Aeronautics' first multi rotor platform.
Aeronautics' new Pegasus VTOL UAV at Paris Air Show 2017
Relying on its wide knowledge and experience in the field of unmanned aerial solutions, Aeronautics has recently stepped into the field of multi-rotor platforms, with vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) solutions designed especially for defense and security mission. With the ability to carry payloads weighting up to 75 Kg, the Pegasus 120 is ideal for special missions and Special Forces.

According to Amos Mathan, Aeronautics' CEO: "Aeronautics Group keeps on developing innovative yet cost-effective solutions, which offer maximum abilities with minimum constrains. Today's advanced technology allows us to miniatures sensors, computers and communications, so that we can offer our customers small tactical airstrip independent UAS's with high performances and a small logistic footprint. Aeronautics group provide comprehensive solutions comprised of UAV's, multi rotors, aerostats, radars, and many other different sensors, that can be integrated together to one command and control center. We see a growing need for advanced UAV platforms in the international defense market, and I can say that a number of clients have already signed contracts to purchase our newest UAV, the Orbiter 4".

Pegasus 120 is Aeronautics' first multi rotor platform. With a maximum payload weight of up to 75 KG and an ability to carry multiple payloads including COMINT, VISINT and Logistics, the Pegasus 120 is designed especially for defense and security missions. Due to its extraordinary carrier and endurance capabilities, The Pegasus 120 is unique in the category of heavy lifters VTOL UAS's, and is ideal for Defense, Homeland security and civil missions, as well as for Special Forces and special missions. Its electric engine (LIPO) gives it a max speed of 45 kts and an endurance of up to 120 min.