X-Control's "Chinook-like" Master Key UAV family debuts at MAKS 2017

MAKS 2017
International Aviation and Space Show
18 - 23 July 2017, Zhukovsky, Russia
X-Control's "Chinook-like" Master Key UAV family debuts at MAKS 2017
At MAKS 2017, a new China-based UAV manufacturer is disclosing a “Chinook-like” family of VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles. Designed by X-Control after years of research, the Master Key (Mk) family of UAVs features a unique tandem rotor design.
X-Control's Mk-18 UAV at MAKS 2017
X-Control improved the unique tandem layout, making it lighter. Mk can then doubles the takeoff weight and has only quarter transportation volume than other UAS in same gross weight.

According to X-Control, ”the longitudinal rotor overlap design maximizes total disc surface, which increases payload capability. The two sets of rotor blades rotate in the opposite direction, eliminating the counter torque from each other."

Mk series UAS reaches a max speed of 100 km/h for Mk-50 variant and up to 240 km/h for the Mk-900. Variants include Mk-18 (MTOW 18 kg), Mk-50 (MTOW 52 kg), the Mk-200 (MTOW 200kg, available in 2018) and the Mk-900 (MTOW 1,100 kg, available in 2019).

The Mk-18 is the smallest member of the family, with a payload capability of 12 kg. Its standard battery offers it an endurance of 60 min within a service ceiling of 4,000m.

The Mk-50 is a medium-size UAS in the Mk series. Its standard fuel tank supports up to 2 hours of endurance with 10 kg of payload. Its modular design allows the Mk-50 to be equipped with a wide range of systems. Rotor blades can be folded during transportation. The transportation volume is only 320 liters. According to the Chinese company, one regular military vehicle can transport up to three systems.

The Mk-900 is the heaviest model of the Mk series, with more than 650 kg of payload. It features high flying speed, heavy loading capacity, 8 hours of endurance, and a service ceiling of 7,000 m. Its payload will allow development of an armed variant starting in 2020, said a X-Control representative.

A 3D-printed scale model of X-Control Mk Series UAVs at MAKS 2017