Ukrspecsystems PD-1 UAV at LIMA 17 aerospace exhibition

LIMA 2017
Langkawi International Maritime & Aerospace Exhibition
21 - 25 March 2017
Langkawi Airport - Malaysia
"People's Drone" PD-1 UAV makes first public appearance at LIMA 2017
The first fully crowdfunded military UAV made its first appearance in a trade show this week at LIMA 2017. Designed for a wide range of missions, the PD-1, commonly known as "People's Drone", has been developed since 2015 to offer a new highly customizable fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle.
LIMA International Maritime and Aerospace defense exhibition 2017 79 Ukrspecsystems' PD-1 UAV at LIMA 2017
The PD-1 unmanned aerial system is specially designed for ISTAR operations. A PD-1 system consists of two PD-1 unmanned aerial vehicles with 50cc gas engine, planar high resolution 35 MP or 50 MP digital camera, rugged case ground control station, communication link, video transmission link, video transmission link, antennas, spart parts and accessories.The PD-1 is equipped with the USG-212 multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal comes equipped with a Sony Full HD 30x optical zoom block camera and a 40mm IR camera that allows effective detection and tracking of targets even in low-visibility conditions. The integrated anti-vibration damping system ensures high image quality even at maximum optical zoom.

It can carry up to 8 kg payload and has a maximum take-off weight of 33 kg. PD-1 UAV features a service ceiling of 3,000 m and an endurance of 10+ hours, while an EFI upgrade gives the platform a flight time of up to 15 hours. Its 4-stroke engine allows a cruise speed of 95 km/h and a maximum speed of 140 km/h.

The PD-1 UAV can be operated at temperatures -20°c to +45°c and wind up to 20 m/s. The system has telemetry link up to 100 km and real-time wireless video link up to 50 km. Total flight range of the PD-1 is over 400 km. Telemetry and video links are encrypted with AES256 and AES128 respectively.

PD-1 UAS comes equipped with an autopilot. Autopilot and GCS software allows to program flight route, do specific actions (e.g. take photos at certain point), do automatic runway take-off and landing, automatic launch from pneumatic catapult and parachute recovery and much more. All information from the PD-1 UAV (e.g. fuel level, engine temp, engine RPM, etc.) comes to GCS in real-time. PD-1 can also perform fully autonomous flights.

PD-1 Unmanned Aerial Systems are currently on service in Ukrainian Armed Forces. Our solution has received positive feedback from Ukrainian Army officers, drone operators and intelligence agents. PD-1 comes equipped with anti-jam capabilities, allowing it to be operated without GNSS signal or even when it faces GPS spoofing or control signals interception attempts.