Airshow China: AVIC's Z-11WB reconnaissance and light attack helicopter makes its debut

Airshow China 2016
1 - 6 November 2016
Zhuhai - Jinwan Airport
Airshow China: AVIC's Z-11WB reconnaissance and light attack helicopter makes its debut
AVIC showcases for the first time its Z-11WB military helicopter along with a wide range of weapons and electronic systems with which it can be equipped. The Z-11WB is an attack and reconnaissance variant of the CAIC’s Z-11, which is itself based on the Airbus Helicopters’ EC130 Ecureuil.
Airshow China Zhuhai 2016 53AVIC's Z-11WB at Airshow China 2016
AVIC's Z-11WB is designed to perform a large range of missions, including ground support, attack, battlefield reconnaissance, command, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-smuggling, and other tasks. It is capable of carrying up to six passengers.

The company conducted the first test-flight of its Z-11WB on September 28, 2015. While the Army Aviation Corps of the People’s Liberation Army could be one major customer, it’s unclear whether other parties have expressed interest.

At Airshow China 2016, the Z-11WB is being presented with an array of weapons, bombs, missiles and other electronic systems. The helicopter is equipped with pylons featuring either two hardpoints or a sole hardpoint with four payloads. Those hardpoints can be armed with i.e. TY-90 air-to-air missile, HJ-8 wire-guided anti-tank missile system, or the Blue Arrow 9 air-to-ground missile produced by China North Industries Corp.

Airshow China Zhuhai 2016 54The Z-11WB and its range of weapons and electronic systems

A Norinco LG3 mm automatic grenade launcher and/or a Chinese made Hua Qing Minigun 7.62x54 mm gatling gun. can provide close protection from each side door.

The Z-11WB is also equipped with a new E/O ball and one of its hardpoint can carry the CLA-01W MIR Laser Jamming Pod or the newly unveiled AVIC SW-6 light reconnaissance and jamming UAV.

Baseline Z-11 rotorcraft is powered by a sole WZ-8D turboshaft engine (684 shp) which gives it a maximum speed of 275 km/ and a cruise speed of 240 km/h. It has a range of 598 km and a service ceiling of 5,240 m.