CETC's Mysterious Bee giant quadcopter UAV unveiled in Zhuhai

Airshow China 2016
1 - 6 November 2016
Zhuhai - Jinwan Airport
CETC's Mysterious Bee giant quadcopter UAV unveiled in Zhuhai
At this 11th edition of Airshow China, the Special Mission Aircraft System Engineering division of the chinese company CETC unveiled certainly one the of the biggest quadcopter UAV of the segment. The Mysterious Bee is a hybrid-quadcopter drone combinating a fixed-wing aircraft and quadcopter in which the four rotors functions for the vertical takeoff/landing and the fixed-wing used for high speed.
Airshow China Zhuhai 2016 9CETC's Mysterious Bee at Zhuhai Air Show 2016
Mysterious Bee hybrid-quadcopter UAV can carry up to 50 kg of various payloads, such as multifunctional E/O cameras, SAR radar and radio-communication in order to support a wide range of missions such as monitoring islands or borders, surveillance and communication relay missions.

The system features intelligent flight controls, enabling “one-key flight”. Mysterious Bee can fly in total autonomy, switch the flight mode and make lifting compensation. Multi-routes and multi-waypoints planning is supported.

Telemetry and remote control is enabled within a range of 200 km for information transmission at 8.192 Mbps over the L-band LOS data link.

The airframe is made of advanced composite material and can be easily deployed and ready to take off within two hours. It has a wingspan of 11.8 m, a length of 6.33m and a height of 1.69 m. It has a service ceiling of 3,000 m, an endurance time of 6h and a maximum flight range of 800 km.

The UAV reaches a maximal horizontal flight speed of 180 km/h, while the rotors cruise speed is 36-50 km/h. The system is powered by rotary engine for the fixed-wing capability and by four turboshaft engines for the rotors.