Esterline highlights its proven Cockpit 9000 upgrade solution for military airlifters at DAS 15

Dubai Airshow 2015
8 - 12 November 2015
Dubai - Al Maktoum International Airport
Esterline highlights its proven Cockpit-9000 upgrade solution for military airlifters at DAS 15
At Dubai Airshow 2015, the US-based aerospace and defense company Esterline, a leader in avionics & control systems, is highlighting its proven Cockpit-9000 cockpit modernization solution for C-130 and other transport aircraft. Cockpit-9000 is an integrated digital glass cockpit that is tailored to the requirements of transport category aircraft, both civil and military, and especially including the C-130.
Esterline higlights its proven Cockpit 9000 upgrade solution for military airlifters at DAS 15 640 001
At Cockpit-9000's core, the CMA-9000 Flight Management System (FMS) combines with Esterline’s advanced Global Positioning and Landing System (GLS) to provide an extremely accurate navigation solution for all flight phases from departure to non-precision approach and in compliance with published international CNS/ATM navigational mandates and growth provisions.

Concerning the overall cockpit displays, CMC as system integrator provides a complete solution as part of Cockpit-9000, through selection of equipment solutions from Esterline’s partners as appropriate for each customer’s unique needs. Optional elements of Cockpit 9000 may include other CMC products such as the company’s Electronic Flight Bag, Enhanced Vision System as well as SATCOM solutions.

Cockpit-9000 is based on an all-glass large-format display suite of up to 6 displays. Architecture includes full dual redundancy. Solution uses high resolution high viewing angle displays, with night vision (NVIS) option.

The CMA-9000 family of compact Flight Management Systems is well suited for modern digital cockpits in fixed and rotary wing aircraft for both civil and military applications. It is thenext-generation FMS derived from CMC’s successful CMA-900 FMS/GPS and CMA-3000 helicopter FMS

TacView Portable Mission Display is a compact, self-contained computer and smart display system designed specifically to enhance situational awareness for military aircrews. It is a cost effective, rapidly deployable COTS system with the processing power enabling numerous missionenhancing applications on fixed and rotary wing aircraft.

Esterline's Cockpit-9000 solution is also fitted with the high-performance Integriflight CMA-5024 aviation Global Positioning System Wide Area Augmentation System (GPS WAAS) sensor provides Satellite Based Augmentation System (SBAS) and GPS primary means navigation as well as GPS approach capability for all aircraft categories.

The SureSight family of integrated Enhanced Vision System (EVS) sensors is also part of the Cockpit-9000 package. CMC’s EVS sensors are packaged in a single, lightweight enclosure, and their performance is designed to meet your needs.