List of the French Air and Space Force current equipment in 2021

The French Ministry of Armed Forces published a report about the French Armed Forces and their equipment for the year 2021, in accordance with the commitments of the military programming law (LPM) 2019-2025.

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List of the French Air and Space Force current equipment in 2021 01 Rafale fighter jet (Picture source: Dassault)

In 2021, in accordance with the French Military Planning Law, the defence budget reaches up to 39.2 billion euros, which represents 1.7 billion euros more than a year ago and 7 billion euros more than back in 2017. These 39.2 billion euros are dedicated to preparing the French armed forces to address tomorrow’s challenges and to fulfill their primary duty, which is protecting the French people and territory.


Combat aircraft:

- 98 Rafale (omnirole)
- 66 Mirage 2000 D (conventional assault)
- 40 Mirage 2000-5 and 2000 C (air defence)
- 7 Mirage 2000 B (These seven Mirage 2000 B are used for the conversion mission of Mirage 2000 D and Mirage 2000-5)

Transport aircraft:

- 6 C160R Transall (tactical transport) 
- 14  C130 Hercules (tactical transport)
- 2 C130-J-30 Super Hercules (tactical transport) 
- 2 KC130-J (tactical transport and tanker)
- 27 CN235 (tactical transport light)
- 18 A400M Atlas (tactical transport with strategic range)

List of the French Air and Space Force current equipment in 2021 02 A400M (Picture source: Airbus)

Support aircraft:

- 11 C135FR and KC135 (tanker)
- 4 A330 Phénix (strategic tanker and transport) 
- 4 E-3F SDCA (airborne detection command and control) 
- 2 C160G (electromagnetic intelligence gathering) 
- 2 ALSR (light surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft) 

Liaison aircraft:

- 7 A330, Falcon 7X, Falcon 900 and Falcon 2000 (for governmental use)
- 20 TBM 700 and DHC6 (liaison)

Training aircraft

- 17 Pilatus PC-21
- 53 Alphajet (fighter pilots' training) 
- 22 Xingu (transport pilots' training)

Presentation teams:

- 18 Alphajet Patrouille de France
- 3 Extra 300/330 


- 40 Fennec (Air defence - air security active measures)
- 10 Caracal (Combat, Search and Rescue)
- 23 Super Puma and Puma (Transport, Search and Rescue)


- 12 Reaper

List of the French Air and Space Force current equipment in 2021 03  Reaper block 5 MALE drone operated by the French Air and Space Force (Picture source: French Armed Forces)

Ground-to-air weapon systems:

- 12 Crotale NG 12
- 8 SAMP “Mamba”

SCCOA 4 Radars:

- 7 GM 200, GM 403, GM 406 and TRS 2215 radars 

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