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Technodinamika reveals aircraft simulator plans - part 1

Simulators play a major role in the training of military pilots. The trainers improve and become more realistic each year. Technodinamika CEO Igor Nasenkov told TASS which simulators would be supplied shortly, which ones are being designed and which advanced aircraft simulators are available on a dynamic platform.

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Technodinamika reveals aircraft simulator plans part 1 The simulator perfectly recreates the flight, maneuvering, and dynamics of helicopter control. The system consists of equipment for working out a full range of flight assignments, tactical set-up simulation modules as well as equipment to record and monitor the pilot actions (Picture source: Rostec)

“Dinamika scientific-technical center is in charge of aircraft simulator design in Technodinamika Holding. Since 1995, it has implemented over 300 projects for 50 modifications of various aircraft. We are not going to stop and are designing a dozen of new simulator modifications for military and civilian aircraft,” he said.

A top-level simulator with a mobility and visualization system is being created for Il-76MD airlifter. The cockpit fully corresponds to the real one.

A procedure trainer is designed for Su-34 bomber. It does not teach piloting and has no visualization system. Touch monitors usually imitate the controls and devices.

Complex and procedure trainers and a computer class are being designed for light Il-112V airlifter.

Dinamika also participates in R&D related to the design of the cockpit of the simulator of Su-35, Su-30MK2, Su-27SKM fighter jets and visual imitation system of the outside situation.

A computer class is being prepared to train and retrain pilots of Mi-28N helicopter gunships. The range of training means is much broader for Mi-28NE export option. It comprises complex trainers on stationary and moving platforms and a workplace to create and edit landscapes.

Complex and procedure trainers and a complex of airborne training means will be created for Ka-28 helicopter. Mi-8AMTSh and Ka-52 will get an automatic system to theoretically train pilots and engineers.

A complex dynamic simulator is designed for new Mi-171A2 helicopter. Mi-38 will have an automatic system to theoretically train pilots and engineers.

“Complex dynamic trainers for Rostec airplanes and helicopters are the latest innovations. They provide a new level of training and safer flights. They make the trainees feel the accelerations of a real flight and train specific missions with a higher level of authenticity than stationary simulators,” Nasenkov said.

Technodinamika invests a lot into the development of virtual reality technologies for the latest aircraft trainers. The visualization system for parachutists is installed in a visual reality helmet. The display shows the surrounding space and special effects for the parachutist to visually determine the wind speed and direction at the surface. The design shows the terrain relief, ground and air mobile and stationary objects in various weather and time of the day.

The virtual reality helmet is also used by the operator of helicopter outside suspension, which was designed for complex trainers of pilots.


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