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World Defense & Security Industry News - BSVT
MILEX 2017: BSVT unveils modernized R-73BM & R-60BM air-to-air missiles
At this 8th edition of MILEX international defense industry exhibition held in Minsk, Belarus, the state owned company Belspetsvneshtechnika (BSVT) unveiled upgraded versions of the Soviet-era R-60 and R-73 short-range air-to-air missiles.
BSVT's new R-73BM short-range air-to-air missile at MILEX 2017
The R-73BM is a modernized variant of the Soviet-era R-73 Archer short-range air-to-air missile designed by Vympel, which entered service in the early 1980s. It features a new all-angle seeker with increased angle of view (from 45° to 60°), which significantly increases jamming resistance of the missile.

The R-73BM variant also features a new engine, as well as new autopilot control unit, which performs modern algorithms of missile-to-target guidance. The R-73BM is equipped with passive infrared guidance system and a new laser proximity fuse, which guarantees reliable warhead detonation in the determined area. The missile has a maximum range of 12 km under a maximum ceiling of 20,000 m.

BSVT's upgraded R-60BM air-to-air missile at MILEX 2017
BSVT’s new R-60BM can be launched either from a fighter jet or from an air defence missile system. It features a new two-range seeker, which significantly increases jamming resistance of the missile. The R-60BM is also fitted with a new dual-mode missile engine, as well as with a new autopilot control unit.

The R-60BM features a new laser proximity fuse, allowing reliable warhead detonation in target area. The missile has an operational range of up to 10 km, in a maximum ceiling of 20 km.