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Kazakhstan plans to upgrade its fleet of Su-25 combat aircraft
Kazakhstan`s Air Forces are planning to upgrade Sukhoi Su-25 (NATO reporting name: Frogfoot) close air support (CAS) aircraft, according to a source in Kazakh defense industry. "The program to upgrade Kazakh Air Forces` fleet of Su-25 CAS aircraft started in early 2016. It is being implemented through the joint efforts of defense companies of Kazakhstan and Belarus," the source said.
Kazakhstan plans to upgrade its fleet of Su 25 combat aircraft 640 001 A Kazakh Air Force's Su-25 Frogfoot close air support aircraft
(Credit: Dmitriy Pichugin)
In particular, Kazakhstan Aviation Industry (KAI) teams up with Belarusian 558th Aircraft Repair Plant (Russian acronym: ARZ). The upgrade will result in the extension of Su-25`s service life and increasing of the plane`s combat effectiveness. The flight trials of the first upgraded Kazakh Su-25 CAS aircraft are scheduled for mid-2017", the source said.

According to him, the upgraded Su-25 planes will receive new glass cockpit, TV camera, two MFI-10 multifunctional displays (MFD) and PS-25 targeting system. As the resulted, the plane will be able to fire R-73 (AA-11 Archer) air-to-air missiles, Kh-29T air-to-surface missiles and KAB-500 guided bombs. The electronic protection of the upgraded Su-25 is supposed to be enhanced through the medium of Satellite countermeasures system. The aircraft will receive jamming-resistant SR-25 communications suite.

According to the Military Balance 2016 report issued by International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Kazakhstan`s Air Force has deployed 103 combat capable aircraft, including 12 MiG-29 (Fulcrum), 2 MiG-29UB (Fulcrum), 32 MiG-31 (Foxhound), 12 MiG-27 (Flogger D), 2 MiG-23UB (Flogger C), 21 Su-27 (Flanker), 4 Su-27UB (Flanker), 4 Su-30SM (Flanker H), 12 Su-25 (Frogfoot), 2 Su-25UB (Frogfoot), 1 An-30 (Clank), 2 An-12 (Cub), 6 An-26 (Curl), 2 An-72 (Coaler), 4 C-295, 2 Tu-134 (Crusty), 1 Tu-154 (Careless) and 17 L-39 (Albatros).
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