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World Defense & Security News - Forges de Zeebrugge
FZ successfully completes test firing campaign on its new FZ2725LGR laser guided rocket system
The Belgium-based arms manufacturer Forges de Zeebrugge (FZ), subsidiary of Thales Group, announced on Friday, Nov. 27, the completion of a successful test firing campaign with its 70 mm laser-guided rocket. The test firings of the new FZ275LGR rocket were conducted in South Africa in late October from a Rooivalk helicopter in service with the South African Air Force (SAAF).
FZ successfully completes test firing campaign on its new FZ2725LGR laser guided rocket 640 001This test firing campaign took place in Denel's Overberg test range
(Credit: Thales Group)
Performed at Denel's Overberg Test Range, this successful campaign is the latest major milestone in the development of FZ's new 70 mm laser-guided weapon. With precision to within 1 metre, this new guided air-ground rocket improves target engagement capabilities while reducing platform vulnerability. It meets today’s needs of the armed forces by reducing the risk of collateral damage, particularly during asymmetric combat operations.

"The successful test firings confirm the reliability and maturity of the new rocket, which costs significantly less than a missile," said FZ.

The advantage of the laser guidance is its precision to minimise collateral damage. FZ275LGR will reach a hit-target ability with less than one meter (CEP<1m). Due to the Joint Fire Support Team marking the target even moving vehicles progressing at a speed up to 60km/h can be destroyed. The maximum operational range for laser guided rocket FZ275LGR is about 6 km.

FZ successfully completes test firingcampaign on its new FZ2725LGR laser guided rocket system 640 001A SAAF Denel Rooivalk attack helicopter