MiG-41 project to be completed in 2019

Russia is already preparing to develop another interceptor, the PAK DP, also known as the MiG-41. The new aircraft has been considered for a few years, but recently MiG CEO Ilya Tarasenko has revealed that the project is due to be completed by 2019.

MiG 41 project to be completed in 2019 Concept art of a possible appearance of MiG-41 (Picture source: MiG)

"Our future MiG-41 fighter will be able to fly into space said Ilia Tarassenko, CEO of the Russian aircraft manufacturer Mikoyan-Gourevitch (MiG) dring a news conference broadcast by Reuters.

Tarasenko stated that “the aircraft will use new types of weapons, will be created with new stealth technologies, can carry a large volume of weapons and will operate at a very large intercept radius.”

The device could fly between the stratopause and the tropopause: that is to say between 9,000 and 17,000 meters of altitude. It would also reach a speed of 3.675 kilometers per hour.

In addition to flying at very high altitude, the MiG-41 will be able to shoot down hypersonic missiles according to the former commander of the Russian Aerospace Forces, Viktor Bondarev. He will be the fastest plane in his class, he says.The device could even be autonomous or be remotely piloted like a drone.