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Jakarta has not given up the idea of purchasing Russia’s Su-35 fighter jets, Indonesia’s ambassador in Moscow Mohamad Wahid Supriyadi told TASS.

Indonesia set to buy Russian jets A Russian Air Force Sukhoi Su-35 performing at MAKS 2009 air show in Moscow (Picture source: Oleg Belyakov)

"The contract was signed and we are still certain that we will be able to maintain cooperation with Russia. We would like to purchase Sukhoi-35. Everything will depend on the technicalities," he said. "We are merely part of the commercial chain, which is very complex, with various departments and companies involved. It is new experience for us."

"We have already purchased both civilian and military helicopters from Russia. The Mi model is familiar to us. As far as submarines are concerned, this question needs further detailed consideration. It might be discussed at the departmental level."

Indonesian Defense Minister Riamizard Riachudu earlier told TASS that Indonesia would not cancel the contract to purchase Russian jets in defiance of US sanctions against Russia. The signing of Jakarta’s contract with Russia for purchasing 11 Su-35 was announced early last year.

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