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TAI unveils T625 light utility helicopter at IDEF 2017
Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) yesterday unveiled its first indigenously-made 5 ton class helicopter, the T625 Turkish Light Utility Helicopter (TLUH) during IDEF 2017 exhibition in Istanbul, Turkey. The T625 TLUH program has been launched in 2013 following a contract awarded by the SSM to Turkish Aerospace Industries.
TAI's new T625 Light Utility Helicopter makes first appearance at IDEF 2017
TAI’s T625 has been optimized to meet and exceed the multi-mission requirements for harsh geographical environments in day and night conditions. Within the scope of the program which initiated by TAI based on the knowledge and experience gained during the T129 ATAK program, critical systems such as transmission, rotor and landing gears as well as avionics.

As prime contractor, TAI is responsible of design, development, production, test and qualification of the rotorcraft. The T625 will be able to perform a wide range of missions, from tactical transport to cargo, off-shore transport, CSAR, and medical evacuation.

According to TAI, the certification and qualifications phases would start in 2018 and will be completed in 2021, with the first flight scheduled for early September 2018. With a take-off weight of 6,050 kg, the T625 can accommodate up to 12 passengers.

T625 TLUH prototypes are to be powered by two LHTEC CTS800-4A turboshaft engines (2x 1373 shp), giving it a maximum cruise speed of 306 km/h. The production rotorcraft will be powered by TEI’s first home-made 1,400 shp turboshaft engine, following a contract awarded by the SSM in Feb. 2016.

The T625 has a service ceiling of 6,096 m and an operational range of 740 km, and 948 km with auxiliary fuel tank. It has a standard fuel capacity of more than 1,000 l, allowing an endurance of 4 h, and more than 5 h with the 280 l-auxiliary fuel tank.

TAI's new T625 Light Utility Helicopter makes first appearance at IDEF 2017