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British Defence Secretary Michael Fallon has announced that the Ministry of Defence (MOD) has reached an agreement in principle on an order for the first production batch of four Lightning II stealth combat aircraft.Russia’s Long Range Aviation will get another 6 modernized strategic bombers Tupolev Tu-160 in 2015 and will bring the number of Tu-95MS bombers to 43, Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Air Force Colonel General Viktor Bondarev said on Tuesday, December 23. "In 2015, we will receive another 6 Tu-160 planes and bring the number of the Tu-95 up to 43,” Bondarev said. Tu-160 from the mid 2000's started to take the upgrade to version Tu-160M, combined with capital improvements.
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Iraqi pilots start training on F-16D fighter aircraft at Tucson US National Guard airbase
Bolivia and France are negotiating an agreement for 10 French-made radars to monitor Bolivian airspace and a prospecting satellite, a top diplomat said Friday.The Iraqi government purchased 36 F-16 Fighting Falcons to help rebuild their air force; however the security situation in Iraq made delivering the aircraft impractical. The decision was made to instead deliver a portion of the jets to Tucson, Arizona and continue the IAF pilots' training there. The Arizona ANG's 162nd Wing was chosen to provide the training due to its already established experience with foreign students.
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Airbus Helicopters at IndoDefence 2014 with a full range of military and security helicopters.

IndoAerospace 2014 Official Online Show Daily News Army Recognition report coverage tri-service defence event exhibition Jakarta Indonesia 5 to 8 November 2014Jakarta will be once again the host venue of The 4th Indonesia’s Official Aviation, Aircraft & Airport Technology Show – INDO AEROSPACE 2014 Expo & Forum from 5 - 8 November 2014 at JIExpo Kemayoran Jakarta, Indonesia. Supported by the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of Trade, the Ministry of Industry, Indonesian National Air Carriers Association, Indonesian Aircraft Maintenance Shop Association (IAMSA) and Indonesian Exhibition Companies Association. Follow all activities of Indo Aerospace 2014 with news, coverage, report on Air Recognition website.

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UH-60 BlackHawk medium size utility helicopter (United States)

UH-60 UH-60A BlackHawk medium size utility helicopter technical data sheet specifications intelligence description information identification pictures photos images video Sikorsky United States American US USAF Air Force aviation aerospace defence industry military technology» AT-6C Texan II aircraft
» UH-1Y Venom helicopter
» AH-6i Boeing helicopter
» CH-47F Chinook helicopter
» E-2C Hawkeye AEW
» Bell 412EPI helicopter
» F-15E Strike Eagle fighter
» F-22 Raptor fighter
» AH-64 Apache helicopter
» PAC JF-17 fighter
» V-22 / MV-22 Bell Boeing
» Pakistan Air Force
» Bell 407 GX Helicopter
» SF-260 TP Trainer aircraft
» S-70i Black Hawk

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U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel spoke by phone with Egyptian counterpart Sedki Sobhi Saturday, September 20, confirming that the United States will deliver 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt to support its counterterrorism efforts.U.S. Defense Secretary spoke by phone with Egyptian counterpart Sedki Sobhi Saturday, September 20, confirming that the United States will deliver 10 Apache helicopters ...

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